the ITSCI Programme for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains
an award-winning multi-stakeholder programme contributing to better governance, human rights & stability


ITSCI supports member companies to implement due diligence by working with governments and civil society and providing expert field, data, risk management and auditing teams



Responsible upstream operators, including mining cooperatives, companies, exporters, traders and smelters join as Full members, while downstream companies are welcome as Associates to access information


ITSCI’s purpose is to create responsible mineral supply chains that avoid contributing to conflict, human rights abuses, or other risks such as bribery, currently in central Africa



ITSCI generates and transparently publishes unique, extensive and credible information on progressive improvement in due diligence and risk mitigation in high risk areas


Since piloting in 2010, ITSCI rapidly scaled up and adapted to small and larger scale mining areas in four countries, now monitoring over 1,800 sites and recording hundreds of supply chain risks each year



ITSCI’s human resource and logistical network in remote mining areas provides a unique opportunity for more contributors to make positive differences to safety, gender equality and economies

“ITSCI has made remarkable progress and is the only on-the-ground traceability and due diligence programme that has to date been able to demonstrate a clear impact on mineral production and exports” OECD Due Diligence Implementation Report, April 2016

Stakeholder Benefits

Benefiting Business

Local miners, traders and exporters 

  • Improved security and reduced corruption
  • Access to market at competitive prices
  • Economic and social development
  • Reduced risk and potential investment

Traders and smelters 

  • Reliable information from the field
  • Increased access to consistent supplies
  • Reduced reputational and financial risk

Downstream traders and manufacturers

  • Information for Dodd Frank & other compliance
  • Reduced reputational risk
  • Opportunity to make a difference ‘beyond conflict’


Benefiting Communities

National and local government 

  • Increased formalisation of artisanal and small mining
  • Improved authority and control of mining sector
  • Training and advice for due diligence monitoring
  • Improved data and potential tax collection

Local and mining communities 

  • Opportunity to report and resolve risks
  • Increased security, support and income
  • Share of taxes for infrastructure and projects

Intergovernmental and donor organisations 

  • Successful support for formalisation and trade
  • Meeting policy objectives for stabilisation and development
  • Opportunities to create results ‘beyond conflict’




ITSCI Statement on Lawsuit over Congolese cobalt mining deaths

ITSCI Statement on Lawsuit over Congolese cobalt mining deaths

As reported in the news media, five of the world’s largest tech companies have been named in a lawsuit filed on 15th December 2019 by human rights firm International Rights Advocates on behalf of 14 parents and children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)....

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ITSCI at the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2020 !!!

ITSCI at the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2020 !!!

Kay Nimmo, Head of Sustainability of the ITA, will be speaking at the Responsible Business Summit taking place from 26 to 28 May 2020 in London. The Responsible Business Summit Europe will bring together leaders and key stakeholders from across the globe to share...

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The European Commission ‘Due diligence ready’ portal

The European Commission ‘Due diligence ready’ portal

The European Commission has launched ‘Due diligence ready!’ to promote responsible sourcing from high risk and conflict affected areas. The online portal contains information and tools to guide companies on how to check the source of their raw materials and improve...

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