Support Funding Opportunities

A Framework and Catalyst For Development

ITSCI has established a platform of visible, accessible mines where there is a government presence and constant civil society monitoring. This provides an exceptional opportunity for donors, companies and other partners to invest in supplementary projects to address socio-economic and governance issues such as child labour, gender equality, safety or business skills.

ITSCI is pleased to work with Pact Inc, as our major implementing partners who have the technical expertise to lead a number of initiatives funded by public and private donors.

The extent of our activities is only limited by the availability of our funds – with more, we can together achieve more

Endorsements of Success

2017 EDIE Sustainability Awards Winner: Sustainable Supply Chain 
“ITRI’s innovative Tin Supply Chain Initiative (ITSCI) has grown from a one-mine pilot in DRC in 2011 to encompass conflict areas across four countries and enable trading prosperity for hundreds of thousands of small-scale miners today.”

Gender Resource Facility
“Achievements in Rwanda and eastern DRC… have been exceptional and there is much to be shared with the World. Given the excellent foundation… additional support would provide an unparalleled example in the region and indeed the World for all stakeholders to learn from, follow, adopt and adapt.”

“ITSCI has made remarkable progress and is the only on-the-ground traceability and due diligence programme that has to date been able to demonstrate a clear impact on mineral production and exports.”

UN Security Council
“improved efforts to trace the origin of tin, tantalum and tungsten had reduced the ability of armed groups to benefit from the exploitation and trade of those minerals.”

Dutch MFA
“Given the excellent foundation through prior ITSCI efforts and anticipated outcomes of the Scaling Up Minerals Traceability Project, this additional support would provide an unparalleled example in the region and indeed the world for all stakeholders to learn from, follow, adopt and adapt.”

World Bank
“ITSCI gives the Government visibility into the [mining] sector and provides an important tool for managing mines, tracking minerals and monitoring revenues”

Intel representatives, Erin Mitchell and Adam Schafer (PPA visit at ITSCI mines sites in Rwanda and DRC, December 2019) 

“As an ITSCI Associate Member and early driver of conflict minerals due diligence, it was very affirming for us to hear the honest feedback from the mining actors on how such traceability schemes have helped organize their business in addition to giving them a method to demonstrate responsible sourcing of their product. As a far downstream consumer of tin, it was extremely enlightening to witness ITSCI traceability and due diligence system in action at the mine level”

“WIM was a successful project. It reached 4,100 beneficiaries, of whom 1,881 were children. Bans on child labor were enforced at 23 mine sites in the target area by the end of the project. A survey also found that the number of children working at mines decreased by 89% over the course of the project”  

The Netherlands’ Minister for Development and Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen
“A few years ago, we were struggling to balance the need to prevent the fuelling of conflict with the need to use mining as a motor for economic and social development. Now I think we are starting to find this balance – thanks to increased security, and thanks to the many stakeholders who refused to give up on the Great Lakes as a provider of minerals to the world. However, there is more to be done; more mines need to become conflict free, so that more communities can benefit from the responsible export that contributes to sustainable development…communities need to be empowered to benefit from the increasing economic opportunities in and around the mines.”