Mickaël Daudin

Mickaël Daudin

Programme Manager

As ITSCI Programme Manager, Mickaël is responsible for delivery of the joint-industry programme. He works with the ITSCI team and ITSCI’s implementing partner on the ground to support mining companies, international traders and metal users to perform their due diligence and source 3T minerals from the African Great Lakes Region responsibly, benefitting the livelihood of thousands of artisanal miners across the region.

Mickaël is an expert in due diligence for mineral supply chains in conflict-affected and high-risk areas and in risk assessment and mitigation. He has over seven years’ experience in the extractives sector including small and large-scale mining, with a focus on security and human rights.

Prior to ITA, Mickaël was the Deputy Director, Mines to Market for Pact. With a wealth of field experience and deep commitment to responsible mineral supply chains, Mickaël served as Pact Programme Manager for ITSCI in the Great Lakes Region (GLR). He also managed various projects on responsible mining and sourcing of minerals in Central Africa. He also led Pact’s engagement with the Voluntary Principles Initiative on Security and Human Rights and represented Pact in multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Mineral Trade (PPA) and the Global Battery Alliance (GBA). Prior to Pact, he worked as an advocate to the German government for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) on campaigns focused on promoting access to essential medicines and raising funds for MSF.

Mickaël holds a Master of Arts in Global Studies (International Relations, Global History, Regional Studies, and Social Sciences) from the Universities of Leipzig (Germany) and Wroclaw (Poland). A native of France, he speaks fluently English, German and Spanish.