Company Annual Due Diligence Reports

OECD Due Diligence Guidance Step 5 recommends that companies publish annual reports to generate public confidence in their due diligence activities. We provide the opportunity for large and small company members to publish on this website, however, companies remain entirely responsible for the content of their reports. Some members may choose to publish their reports elsewhere.

ITSCI expects members who have been actively trading in the past year to publish reports to meet OECD recommendations, and those who do not report will be identified in incident reporting. However, please note that ITSCI does not evaluate, use or endorse any statements made in the annual reports of our members since we monitor the performance of companies on an on-going basis through a variety of other methods which provide greater detail and accuracy.

While ITSCI provides suggestions to members on possible reporting topics, we do not require specific report formats or content. It is possible that company statements may differ from information published by the ITSCI Secretariat and in such circumstances we would consider ITSCI information to be more independent and credible. We recommend that anyone downloading company reports from this page review the content against other information available in order to make their own assessment.

In these reports you would find out about management systems of companies, as well as their general approach to assessing and managing supply chain risks at a high outline level. The reports may mention overall company strategies but don’t go into detail of individual risks at suppliers which can be found in our incident summaries. In line with the OECD Guidance (footnote 34) ITSCI does review company reports in order to redact commercially confidential information, contacts, and details that could impact markets such as relationships between companies competing for mineral supplies.

In our download folders we show the year that the reports are relevant to, then the location of the company. Note that due to uncertainty generated by stakeholder discussions on company reporting during 2017, ITSCI did not follow a specific process to collate and identify gaps in reporting that year.