Company Annual Due Diligence Reports

Upstream companies actively trading for the previous year publish reports describing their due diligence activities in order to provide transparency expected by the OECD Due Diligence Guidance Step 5. Many small companies and mine cooperatives carry out due diligence but don’t have websites to report their work and ITSCI publishes their annual reports here. You can also find annual reports of larger companies on their own websites.

In these reports you can find out about management systems of companies, as well as their general approach to assessing and managing supply chain risks at a high outline level. The reports mention overall company strategies but don’t go into detail of individual risks which can be found in our incident summaries. ITSCI suggests general topics that companies can include in their reports but drafting is entirely the responsibility of each company.

In our download folders we show the year that the reports are relevant to, then the location of the company. ITSCI does not verify the content of any of the reports although in line with the OECD Guidance (footnote 34) we do redact commercially confidential information, contacts, and details that could impact markets such as relationships between companies competing for mineral supplies.