iTSCi follows the transport of minerals in the international market through traders to smelters. Information is provided to the iTSCi data centre and made available to downstream users.

Government agents implement an on-site tagging system for all iTSCi registered mines, and tag information is relayed to the iTSCi data centre. Tagged minerals are physically delivered to the smelter and their data reported back to iTSCi for verification of mineral source and associated mine information.

Traceability data can be accessed by downstream users for their due diligence procedures.


The iTSCi operator trains Government agents to implement the in-region tagging and record collection system to ensure traceability from the mine sites to processors and exporters, via monitored transport routes. The Government generated data is consolidated and verified at the iTSCi data centre, where any anomalies that may indicate risk are identified as incidents for follow up by the iTSCi operators teams in the field.

Information exchange

iTSCi provides a mechanism for supply chain information exchange which protects commercially confidential and security sensitive data, while providing transparency on risks and other information necessary for companies to monitor, improve and have confidence in their global supply chains.

This process is compatible with Step 2 of the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines.