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Any small or large company committed to help break the link between mineral trading and conflict, both in the great lakes region and globally, can participate in iTSCi. We help identify actors in the supply chain and explain due diligence to participants, reporting on progress of the supply chain against those recommendations.

The iTSCi Programme is open to all companies in the supply chain, from local mining cooperatives in central Africa, through small or large trading companies, to international smelters, including some of the largest 3T processing companies in the world. Members are expected to recognise the OECD Guidance and to act responsibly in the supply chain. A small joining fee covers the application process, and an annual fee covers the continued membership. Member companies fairly compete for mineral within the due diligence standards.

Mines and companies applying to join iTSCi undertake an independent evaluation process.


Downstream industry Associate Members of the Programme comprise of users of the minerals covered by the iTSCi Programme, product manufacturers and downstream companies. By contributing to the financing of the ITSCI Programme, Associate Members remain abreast of activities whilst funding important initiatives related to child labour, health and safety and risk management training.

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Our Associate Membership includes…

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MFA)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MFA) provides co-funding for iTSCi field activities in a 3-year project ‘Scaling up mineral trade’. The MFA focusses on stability and security, raw material security and improved human rights, including gender equality.


Pact a nonprofit international development organisation working on the ground in more than 30 countries to improve the lives of those who are poor and marginalised. Pact is the Operator for the ‘Scaling up iTSCi’ project, co-funded by the MFA and downstream industries.


Promines (Growth with Governance in the Mineral Sector Project for DRC) is a project of the World Bank which aims to strengthen capacity of institutions to better manage the minerals industry and improve conditions for investment in mining. It further aims to increase revenues and socio-economic benefit from small-scale and artisan mining. Promines has supported training as well as provision of much-needed equipment.

IOM (International Organisation of Migration)

IOM (International Organisation of Migration) worked on mine validation and construction of centres de negoce.

BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources)

(Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources) run a set complementary projects to support Due Diligence and ASM Formalisation in the region.

ICGLR (International Conference of the Great Lakes Region)

ICGLR (International Conference of the Great Lakes Region) has an MoU with the iTSCi project, aiming to work together in harmonising efforts on prevention of illegal exploitation of natural resources.