Company Management & Policies

When an upstream company applies to join ITSCI we ask them to provide information which helps us understand the structure of the company, their ownership and management, and the extent of their previous involvement in trading in high risk areas. The applicant also submits their conflict mineral policy and any due diligence plan (as part of their supply chain policy) and tells us where they expect to buy minerals and how they might manage their suppliers. This information is important and relevant for OECD Due Diligence Guidance Step 1.

Once sufficient information is provided by the applicant, it is all passed to the ITSCI Independent Evaluator who contacts the company and verifies the information and asks for anything additional that might be needed. Our evaluator then produces a brief description of the company and its management systems and plans, and also makes some recommendations on how the company might improve its implementation of due diligence.

Once the application of the company is approved and they become a Full Accepted member of ITSCI this independent summary is published here. Not all applicants are successful, and not all members will remain with us over time. ITSCI may suspend or expel companies from membership if they do not implement adequate Due diligence or otherwise break their commitment to ITSCI procedures.

This list of upstream companies currently or previously participating in ITSCI was last updated 11th July 2024