Audit Reports of Upstream Companies

The ITSCI Independent Evaluator carries out audits at member company sites so we can provide validated information to smelters – who are themselves being audited according to OECD Due Diligence Guidance Step 4. Our auditors are well trained to understand due diligence, the ITSCI procedures, and the risks and practical implementation issues that companies face in, and buying from, higher risk areas. Our auditors are able to apply a flexible approach to set audit expectations which drive progress through appropriate and achievable improvement recommendations.

Audits are scheduled according to company activity and factors such as trading volumes, numbers of incident risks, or slow responses to actions. We also consider logistical issues to maximise efficiency of auditor visits to remote locations, or sites around the world. The auditors speak several languages and keep a consistent approach by following an audit checklist of ~300 line items specific to each Step of the OECD Guidance. The checklist remains confidential but ITSCI publishes findings and recommendations for improvement in these audit reports. ITSCI members receive audit reports several months before they are uploaded here.

Our download folders are arranged by locations of the audited companies. The content of the reports is produced by the Independent Evaluator according to normal auditing procedures (ISO 19011), such as after discussion in audit closing meetings with each company.