On Tuesday 30th April, the security situation deteriorated in North Kivu, DRC, with the M23 non-state armed group taking control over new areas, including the trading town of Rubaya.

This led to immediate halt to ITSCI activities and immediate evacuation of the area by ITSCI teams and state services. So far, there is no major impact reported on the security in Masisi town and Goma town.

Following the resumption of ITSCI activities in Masisi announced in April, all stakeholders, including  provincial authorities, state services, companies, and civil society continued to implement risk mitigation measures, with ongoing support from ITSCI. This progressed well until the M23 arrived in Rubaya town and its surrounding area.

Working in high risk and conflicted areas present unique challenges, as shown in the situation in North Kivu which continues to evolve rapidly. Our OECD-aligned programme adapts to the reality on the ground while the safety of our staff is a topmost priority.

We continue to monitor the security situation very closely in communication with local authorities and security forces. Actions in recent weeks led by authorities, state services, and security forces, with support from ITSCI, have shown positive commitment and examples of multi-stakeholder approach to risk mitigation. This work will continue as soon as the situation allows.


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