ITSCI continues to roll out the joint tag management procedures throughout the Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC). These procedures build local stakeholder capacities and state services accountability by drawing together all responsible parties to collaborate in the responsible management of traceability materials.

To reduce traceability risks and increase transparency, ITSCI spearheaded joint tag management using lockboxes. Each lockbox has several keys, held by different stakeholders and none of the stakeholders has a monopoly of control over traceability materials.

The joint tag management procedures have reinforced cooperation between different parties along the supply chain and strengthen confidence between mining cooperatives and processors/exporters. It is well received by local partners and stakeholders who continue to provide positive feedback on the impact of the collaborative approach these procedures foster.

Last month, we launched joint tag management procedures with COMINYA cooperative and state services at Lijiwe sub-sector in the Kalehe territory of South Kivu.

Launch of joint tag management in Kalehe territory, South Kivu, August 2022