On 3 May 2022, ITSCI was delighted to host a partner session at the OECD’s 15th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains.

The session included the latest updates about the programme, an overview of our activities in the wake of the COVID pandemic, as well as an expert panel discussion on ITSCI’s work with members and partners in the Great Lakes Region.

Speakers included Mr. Arcade NAHIMANA, Mineral Traceability Unit Supervisor in Burundi, Mr. Emmanuel Ndimubanzi, Head of Metallurgical Department at the Mines Direction in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dr. Ivan Twagirashema, Chief Operating Officer of the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB), Mr. Richard Evans, ITSCI Implementation Manager, Ms. Jeannette Greven, ITSCI Reporting Coordinator at Pact, Mr. Théophile BASOSHI IUBWE, SAEMAPE Provincial Director in South Kivu, M. Elise Kazadi, representative of ITSCI member company, Mining Mineral Resources Sarl (MMR) in the DRC.

In this panel discussion moderated by Ed O’Keefe, Director of Synergy Global Consulting, we heard from our government, industry and NGO partners as they reflect on what resilience in due diligence programmes over the past two years has really meant and consider the way forward for continuous improvement in 3T supply chain due diligence.