In June 2021, ITSCI field staff visited Kisende primary school in Kizigaziga village, in Maniema’s Pangi territory. The school has recently been renovated by Ngozi artisanal mining cooperative (COMINGOZI). The rehabilitation reinforces the cooperative’s pledge for social engagement with the local community near ITSCI sub-sector Katembo, where COMINGOZI works. Profits from the artisanal mining sector traced through the ITSCI programme facilitate such initiatives. The rehabilitation includes a new roof and walls for the classrooms. The school’s Director, Mupenda Ntege, spoke with ITSCI Field Officer Olivier Pinganay, and expressed his gratitude for the new construction. With the newly covered, sturdier building, the school expects that more children will continue their studies even in inclement weather.

ITSCI’s traceability system has enabled the cooperative to maximise its profits through transparent contracts with the processing entities/exporters that COMINGOZI supplies. Traceability is an essential tool in this process, ensuring the cooperative knows how much 3T minerals it produced and is fairly compensated for its members’ labour. With the funds the cooperative earns, it earmarks a portion to contribute to projects that promote the community’s wellbeing.


Kisende primary school after rehabilitation