On 27th August, ITSCI organised a workshop in partnership with the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) to support exporters in their due diligence practice and strengthen their knowledge of ITSCI procedures, including traceability and risk management. 

Among the attendees were twenty-three processors and exporters who took this opportunity to expand their knowledge and familiarise their new staff with due diligence requirements and the guideline to follow during their visits to their suppliers. Mineral traceability procedures, data processing improvements and challenges such as cases of incidents observed at some of the processors and exporters sites were also discussed.

As the guest of honor for the workshop, the RMB mineral traceability specialist, Mr Kazindu Hyacinthe, highlighted the extent to which ITSCI provides support to companies in their due diligence practice. During his opening statement, Mr Kazindu expressed his gratitude to ITSCI Rwanda for organising the workshop. He stated that such workshop and training sessions conducted by ITSCI since its establishment make a significant contribution to Rwanda’s mining sector.

ITSCI-RMB due diligence workshop in Rwanda