Engaging stakeholders at the local level can be a delicate balancing act, as the ITSCI programme seeks to build inclusive partnerships to improve traceability and due diligence on the ground in tangible ways. Trust is a crucial element that contributes to successful implementation of the programme in complex environments like the DRC’s Haut-Lomami province. In Haut-Lomami, ITSCI staff have fashioned a creative and flexible method to strengthen local partnerships while overcoming an unexpected hurdle: language.

In Bukama territory, the local multi-stakeholder committee (CLS) was challenged by partners’ perceptions of the term ‘incident.’ The ITSCI incident reporting mechanism, based on OECD Annex II risks, includes verification of information crosschecked by ITSCI field teams. Once confirmed, incidents are recorded and communicated at CLS meeting for their mitigation.

Luena CLS members holding a meeting