ITSCI has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it unfolds and we are publishing this statement to inform you of the current situation. The UK Government has advised avoiding non-essential travel and social contact and that people should work at home whenever possible. London has been identified specifically as a high risk location where the virus has advanced further than in the remainder of the country. ITSCI staff will be working from home, but activities will continue; including traceability data management and analysis, monthly and incident reporting, membership administration and levy collection.

The situation with Coronavirus is changing by the day and we are aware that businesses may be feeling worried. Mineral trade is currently continuing and ITSCI will endeavor to support traceability and due diligence as effectively as possible during these difficult times. ITSCI is taking every step necessary to ensure that communication with members and stakeholders continues as usual. We aim to continue to provide support and guidance to all our members, including smelter reports required for audit purposes. It is too early to estimate possible impacts on international metal markets or demand but disruption is likely in the coming months.