Since it started operations in Muhanda, ITSCI member NL Mining Ltd has had a positive impact on the community through the eradication of illegal mining and Corporate Social Responsibility actions carried out in partnership with the local community and local government.

NL Mining Ltd, working with the local government, mobilised around 800 people to reforest and fight against erosion, planting 5,000 trees from the company nursery along the Sebeya River. The company donated 10 cows to neighbours as part of a larger program that has so far donated 244 cows. The same day, Umutanguha Microfinance program visited the community to open bank accounts for miners and organize them into savings groups. The company offered collateral for all those interested in taking a loan.

NL Mining also included an ASM formalisation plan in their concession, with support from ITSCI, state service RMB and local authorities.

Today, NL Mining’s formalisation plan is paying off. With more than 600 miners now working at the company’s sites, production has increased from almost zero to 6 to 7 tonnes per month – a true win-win.

Security forces, Amiel, Jean Pierre and ITSCI staff planting trees