When ITSCI expands to new areas, the team begins by establishing and training a local multi-stakeholder committee. In Bitale, ITSCI, accompanied by a delegation led by the Provincial Minister of Mines’ Cabinet Director, trained 62 participants in April 2019. The training focused on traceability procedures, due diligence requirements, and the role of ITSCI in the region. 

ITSCI holds monthly meetings with the Local Steering Committee to review mining activities, discusses risks, incidents and mitigation actions. During the first meetings, the ITSCI team quickly noticed the need for the committee members to discuss issues with miners themselves and get them more involved in the due diligence process. Therefore, In July 2019, a 25-minute chat’ campaign was launched at Kainga sub-sector.

Because of the success of the ‘25-minute chat’ campaign, stakeholders are now extending the initiative to the nearby Nganju mine site and other South Kivu territories.


Miners at Kainga sub-sector during a “25-minute chat” campaign