The ITSCI programme has extended its pilot 3T traceability monitoring in Uganda at the invitation of the company ‘3T Mining’ who see this as an important step in accessing key markets in the US and Europe.

3T Mining operates in Wakiso district, an area thought to be rich in tantalum. So far the company has invested $10 million in their mining project and continue exploration, with a mining lease granted for 21 years. They employ around 50 people from the local community as well as other skilled workers.

Vincent Kedi, principal engineer at the Uganda government’s geology and mining department, is also keen to follow up on recent legislation passed by the country’s Parliament providing the framework for regulating responsible minerals supply in the country, stating “without certification mining companies will find it difficult to sell tin, tantalite, tungsten and gold at good prices”

Executive Director of 3T Mining, Fidel Kagame, said Uganda stands to gain significantly by improving regulation of minerals origin.