North Kivu D2 Bibatama plant 200During the quarter, mine production has been generally positive, fluctuating mainly in line with expectations and in accordance with seasonal and commodity price variations. New mining sites were included in the programme in the former Katanga region and Burundi.

After nearly two months of suspension, mineral exports started again in South Kivu, following an agreement between the provincial government and exporters on the implementation of a new tax for processers.

Some tantalite smugglers in Burundi were jailed.

At a regional level, following violence between Pygmies and Bantus at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, authorities in the former province of Katanga, proceeded to sensitise both communities to ease the tensions.

In North Kivu, issues related to Mai-Mai Simba in the Walikale territory and Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Sovereign Congo (APCLS) fighters caused some suspension of tagging at sites in North Kivu, but official military countermeasures and/or actions by the local and provincial authorities were underway. In South Kivu the overall security situation is calm with no impact on iTSCi activities.

1,236 iTSCi field visits took place across all regions during the quarter, liaising with mine sites, processors, government agencies and community groups to check on progress, address specific issues and encourage expansion. New training and miner workshops will be arranged with the Burundi Mine and Quarry Authority (OBM).

Monthly field reports with additional details are available to members.