iTSCi are delighted to welcome Roland Chavasse, the newly appointed director of the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.) to the iTSCi Governance Committee. Roland has a wealth of experience in metals and mining, coming from a background that includes both commerce and trade association management. He plans to use his experience and knowledge to help support and develop the work of iTSCi in the African Great Lakes Region with a focus primarily on tantalum. He replaces Ulric Schwela, the T.I.C.’s Technical Officer, on the committee

Roland explained that his position with the T.I.C. will include representing the organisation and working to further the Association’s goals, with developing the supply chain being a core aspect of his role. “I’ll be working closely with ITRI to promote a clearer understanding of the iTSCi programme in the tantalum community and I’ll also promote the T.I.C. at conferences and other metals events.”

When asked how his previous experience will benefit T.I.C and the iTSCi Programme, Roland said “I’ll be bringing everything I’ve learned from over a dozen years in the metals industry to the iTSCi Governance Committee. Through my 7 years’ experience on the commercial side of the minor metals industry and almost 5 years running the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA), I hope that I can view iTSCi from both commercial and non-commercial angles.”

The MMTA saw significant growth under Roland’s leadership. “During my time as General Manager I was supported by a team of excellent directors and together we transformed the association from being a London-focused traders’ club to become a leading international organisation for minor metals.”

Roland has come across iTSCi before. “A few years ago, when I was involved in exporting tantalite from South America, I went through a due diligence process and I spoke with a lot of people who were active with iTSCi in the Great Lakes Region to see what advice they had on traceability and due-diligence. It was extremely helpful.”

Looking ahead, Roland is keen to contribute to iTSCi’s ongoing success. “The iTSCi programme is an incredible achievement that has delivered real results and I’m delighted to be associated with it. I foresee a strong and close working relationship between the T.I.C. and ITRI with the key goal in the medium-term being to improve levels of understanding in the tantalum community regarding the iTSCi programme.”