The iTSCi Programmes’ field partners (PACT) have launched a short film showing how iTSCi has been working to implement traceability, due diligence and audit systems to ensure conflict free tin and other minerals can be produced in the high risk areas of central Africa. Tens of thousands of miners, their dependents and half a million people in the community indirectly associated with mining in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi have seen their livelihoods improved because of iTSCi and can now work in safe and secure environments. The film tells the stories of individual mining workers and how the Programme has helped them, their families and the wider communities in which they live. Pierre Hakizima describes how his income rose from US$1.3 to US$41 per day and how he has been able to hire farm workers and start to build a house. With your help we can achieve more.

Click here to view the film.