Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd (GAM), a leader in the socially responsible production of tantalum, announced that the company has joined the iTSCi Programme recognising that the project supports upstream companies from miners to smelters as they work to address supply chain issues related to conflict minerals in the DRC and surrounding countries. “We are pleased to join iTSCi and this collaborative effort to eliminate minerals from conflict sources from the supply chain, while also ensuring that conflict free material from mines in the DRC has a pathway to market,” said Steve Krause, President of Global Advanced Metals Technology. “GAM has long been committed to providing our customers and end-users with conflict free and sustainable material and we look forward to this partnership with iTSCi that will allow us to go beyond compliance standards to strengthen assurances for our customers.” iTSCi assists upstream companies to institute the actions, structures, and processes necessary to conform with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance. This ultimately helps conflict-free supply chain participants in the central African region get their products to market. GAM joins many other companies around the world who are participating and supporting the iTSCI Programme but we particularly welcome their involvement as a leader in the production of conflict free tantalum, and look forward to their important contributions to our membership of responsible companies.