The Conflict Free Tin Initiative (CFTI) has released a statement regarding issues around the Nyabibwe trading centre in South Kivu through which CFTI tin ore is moved. There have been reports both by the local stakeholder committee, and in a Global Witness report “Putting principles into practice” (May 2013) of occasional incidents of mineral trade by individuals in the Congolese military from the area, although the mineral is not tagged, and not entering the iTSCi/CFTI supply chains. The full statement can be read here and describes how the CFTI offers the mineral sector in the Kivus an opportunity to contribute to economic development while breaking the link with conflict financing. Even though the direct supply of CFTI tin is not affected by these incidents, they do have the potential to impact the conflict free status of a mine site or transport route and the statement reaffirms that the participants of the CFTI are committed to stay engaged in the area of the Kivus and promote sustained economic development as long as the materials are conflict-free. These incidents test if the mitigation mechanisms designed within the project are currently working effectively and the local stakeholder committee has worked with project partners and DRC authorities to develop several agreed actions. As a result, for example, a local NGO has held a two day workshop for the Congolese army (FARDC) in order to raise awareness among military personnel to explain why they should not become involved in mining or trading activities at the sites or along the mineral supply chain.