AIM Solder announced that the first lot of tin produced through the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative (CFTI) is scheduled to arrive at their Montreal plant on August 15th . Tin ore used for this tin ingot was extracted at the Kalimbi mine in South Kivu late last year, and has since been transported to the conflict free smelter for conversion into metal. It is now part of the way through its journey in the supply chain, to be utilised for the manufacture of solder and then into electronic products. The mine was validated as conflict-free by a multi-stakeholder team, including officials of the Congolese Government, the United Nations, the German Geological Service, and PACT and is continually monitored and evaluated by the iTSCi Programme which also assists with traceability and due diligence on operators involved in the upstream chain. David Suraski, Executive Vice President, Assembly Materials Division commented that “AIM is proud to be part of the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative program and we invite other component suppliers and manufacturers to participate in this global cause.”