According to a report in the Digital Journal, AIM Solder has been recognized by Philips Lighting China with Philips Lighting’s 2013 Green Supplier Award in large part due to the company’s participation in the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative (CFTI) which utilises a combination of the iTSCi and CFS programmes to ensure conflict-free materials from South Kivu in the DRC have a way t the international market. AIM was chosen from a group of over a thousand suppliers due to its support for responsible sourcing, working towards ensuring the conflict-free status of the supply chain and an improved economic future for the people of the DRC. Another major contributing factor to being titled 2013 Green Supplier is AIM’s assistance to Philips in achieving major cost savings via a change-over from SAC305 to the lead-free SN100C solder alloy. More information is available here.