In recent days, activity proposing regulation of conflict minerals trade in both the EU and Canada has been launched. Firstly, the EU has begun a consultation period running up to 26 June 2013 on a possible initiative on responsible sourcing of minerals originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The Commission hopes to establish how, in a reasonable and effective manner, to complement and/or continue on-going due diligence initiatives and support for good governance in mineral mining, especially in developing countries affected by conflict. Important question are considered in this consultation such as whether any rule should be of a voluntary or obligatory nature. Secondly, on 26th March, MP Paul Dewar of the New Democratic Party (NDP), introduced Bill C-486 which would require Canadian companies to exercise due diligence with respect to conflict minerals sourced from the Great Lakes Region of Africa. This proposal is similar to Dodd Frank in requiring the exercise of due diligence and submission of a disclosure report by regulated companies regarding their material sources.