The iTSCi minerals traceability and due diligence Programme is pleased to announce the first members of the iTSCi Advisory Panel. Current members and a short biography for each can be found here.

The iTSCi Advisory Panel is made up of a balance of local and international representatives of NGO’s, independent organisations, industry groups, government representatives and other stakeholders, with expertise in the relevant implementing countries and with an appropriate knowledge of the mining sector and mineral trade in the Great Lakes Region.

Membership of the Advisory Panel provides an opportunity for interested parties to have a positive input into the direction of the Programme, with particular regard to recommendations on the mitigation of, or response to, risks. The Advisory Panel is expected to provide independent comment on aspects of the Programme primarily in discussion with the Independent Evaluators, but also with the Governance Committee.

The Advisory Panel members are expected to provide independent expertise, constructive advice and suggestions on the implementation of iTSCi in relation to the stated aims of the Programme and related aspects of the OECD and UN Guidance and the SEC rules (when available).

Membership of the Panel does not signify an implicit endorsement for the Programme or its activities, and members remain fully independent from the Programme.