The UN Group of Experts on the DRC published their interim report S/2012/348 on the 21st June 2012. This includes a clear recommendation to companies such as ‘international buyers, processors and consumers of minerals’ to ‘support the progressive demilitarization of the mining sector in eastern DRC by remaining engaged in the DRC and regional markets while implementing supply chain due diligence.’ The experts also request the Government of the DRC to schedule on a regular basis the validation of ‘green’ mine sites, as well as strengthening due diligence requirements on local companies, and defining a policy on the management and sale of any seized minerals returned to the country. The report also hopes that the SEC will publish its implementing regulations for the Dodd Frank conflict mineral law ‘without further delay’ and specifically that it will ‘incorporate the concept of mitigation contained in the due diligence guidelines of the UN and the OECD’. Member States of the UN are also requested to regularly publish import and export statistics from the DRC and region, and assist the Group in identifying and engaging with importers regarding due diligence; something relevant to many cassiterite trading countries. All the mentioned recommendations would also assist the progressive implementation of the iTSCi programme and are fully supported by ITRI. The UN report is available here.