The Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) Extractives Workgroup has commissioned RESOLVE ( an American non-profit organisation, to research the supply chain for the tin used as solder in their electronic products. This is in response to the widespread international concerns over ‘conflict tin’ originating from DR Congo and the aim is to understand more about important companies in the tin-solder-electronics supply chain and each company’s approach to this issue.

The project, which also looks at other metals obtained from the DRC such as tantalum, has been underway for some time and a draft report is being prepared. Unfortunately RESOLVE has found it difficult to get in touch with many important companies and the information obtained so far is quite limited. ITRI would therefore like to encourage all cassiterite and tin producers and traders, as well as solder manufacturers, to take part in the study. This will help contribute to our plans to establish a sustainable supply of tin from central Africa.

If you are prepared to take part in a short survey please send an email to Jason Gershowitz ([email protected]) with “ITRI” in the title. Information can be kept confidential, although both participating and non-participating supplier names will be noted in the final report.