Two US senators, Sam Brownback (Republican-Kansas) and Dick Durbin (Democrat-Illinois) are introducing legislation which would require certification of minerals imported from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We are witnessing a grave humanitarian crisis in Congo, and we must act now to put an end to the death and suffering,” said Brownback in a statement issued by his office. “Everyday, Americans use products that have been manufactured using inhumanely mined minerals. The legislation introduced by Senator Durbin and I will bring accountability and transparency to the supply chain of minerals used in the manufacturing of many electronic devices.”

The Conflict Coltan and Cassiterite Act requires the President to compile a list of armed groups in the DRC (including units of the DRC army) committing serious human rights violations, and prohibits the importation into the USA of any product containing columbite-tantalite ("coltan") or cassiterite (tin ore) from the DRC if groups on the list would financially benefit.